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Kate Webb was a dog lover long before she could even say the word ‘dog’. Growing up in the same house as a lovable boxer named BB was wonderful, but still did not offer enough ‘fur time’ for the young dog-lover. Whenever she was out and about, she wanted to pet strangers’ dogs, however big or small. She had no fear, just curiosity and adoration.


Kate’s very first part time job as a teenager was as the local neighbourhood dog walker, igniting a dream to one day work with dogs…

Although Tilli the Shitzu ensured there were dogs in her personal life for the next 15 years, Kate’s work life took her in a different direction. After moving to a new area Kate established a home-based beauty therapy business. This people-centred work suited her to a tee. But as large-scale laser clinics took over small operators, she decided to stride out on a new path exploring another one of her skills. 

Kate took on the role of chef in a nursing home. While she liked the creative and caring side of food prep for residents, she realised it did not involve the face-to-face work she really enjoyed, nor did it make the most of her social nature. It was time to make another career move.

Kate set up a successful home cleaning business. Loved by her clients for her positive outlook and passion for helping people, the business quickly grew, and she found herself caring for 3 elderly families. For her clients Kate does not just do her job, she is the visitor with a smile who always makes time for a chat.

Her new role gave Kate more freedom and a better wage allowing her to spend more time on the important things in her life, 2 cheeky little Tibetan terriers named Willow and Waffles – and a new business hobby. In her free time Kate made gift cards and then started photo sublimation on mugs, selling her wares to the local dog walkers on Shelley beach. Word spread about her fun and unique designs and requests for other products rolled in. 

Kate remembered her childhood dream... She realised this new venture could encompass everything she wanted, her own business working from home with her dogs Waffles and Willow by her side and her days spent creating wonderful dog and pet designs that would bring happiness to other pet lovers. 

With Waffles as her inspiration for the business name and logo and lots of research into quality apparel and homewares, Waffles Wares was born.

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